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How can a busy solution provider keep up with new technology?

Solution providers must constantly educate themselves about new technology, products and practices so that they're able to differentiate themselves from competitors and provide clients with the best possible solutions to challenging business problems.

What's the best way for a busy solution provider to stay up with new technology?

This is all about the way that end users and solution providers have acquired content over time. They "map" to each other. Solution providers have figured out that they should be reading the same things that end users are reading so that the provider can understand the needs and concerns of the client community. Solution providers want to acquire as much insight and gather as many ideas as possible so that they're able to present clients with leading-edge information -- it simply makes the solution provider look better.

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Paul Myerson is the senior channel analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Listen to more from Paul in our top VAR business concerns podcast

Our research has revealed three main ways that end users and solution providers stay up to date on technology and their industry. The first way is to read articles in the trade and business publications -- 72% of our respondents noted this as the main way they receive new information. It's important to note that getting information from the vendor community does not rate as a top means of getting new information. Second is through discussions with colleagues and peers through different meetings and events, and 62% of our respondents rely on this. Third is accumulating knowledge through industry analysts and research reports, noted by 58% of our respondents.

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