Host-based IDS/IPS Partner Program Directory

Use our Partner Program Directory to choose a host-based IDS/IPS vendor partner. Whether you are looking for a new partner program or want to see what your competition's partner programs are like, our easy-to-read checklists will help you weigh the benefits of various reseller programs.

With security threats in the enterprise becoming more prevalent, the need for a cost-effective and reliable host-based intrusion detection or intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS) becomes paramount. Knowing what type of host-based IDS/IPS product each vendor partner offers will help you make an informed decision. The host-based IDS/IPS vendors below provide a wide range of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention products to help your clients address security concerns. Peruse our Partner Program Directory and compare host-based IDS/IPS vendors' checklists to find the best company to partner with.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Cisco Systems----------------------------------------------------------

Cisco Systems provides an extensive line of IDS/IPS solutions. The IPS 4200 series identifies and classifies threats; the IPS advanced integration modules provide enterprise-class IPS solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs); and Sensors software helps detect threats at an early stage.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: eEye------------------------------------------------------------------------

eEye's line of optical IDS/IPS products includes Blink, which provides multilayered endpoint protection, and Retina, which identifies both known and unknown threats.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: GFiLANguard------------------------------------------------------------

GFiLANGuard offers a variety of IDS/IPS software, including EndPoint Security, known for its data protection and virus infection features, and GFI LanGuard comprehensive vulnerability scanner software.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: HP--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hewlett-Packard (HP) offers several intrusion detection and prevention systems, such as the IDS 9000, which grants security administrators the ability to proactively monitor and detect attacks, and the UX Host Intrusion Detection System, which complements existing security systems.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Juniper Networks-------------------------------------------------------

Juniper Networks' intrusion prevention line includes Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), a centralized, all-encompassing management software ideal for SMBs, and the ISG Series with IDP, ideal security solutions for enterprises with large and complicated networks.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Symantec-----------------------------------------------------------------

Symantec's host-based IDS/IPS solutions feature Sourcefire, which provides a complete well-rounded protection service. Other software includes Endpoint Management Suite and Critical System Protection, both of which include key intrusion prevention services.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Third Brigade------------------------------------------------------------

Third Brigade's IDS/IPS products include OSSEC HIDS, an open source host-based intrusion detection system that performs active response and log analysis. Another product is Deep Security server and application protection software.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Tripwire--------------------------------------------------------------------

Tripwire's main line of host-based IDS/IPS technology is Tripwire Enterprise software, which allows the user to monitor and detect threats.

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