Have you created a map of the to-be architecture?

Before implementing the remote platform management service, it is imperative to create a map of the architecture to-be, which includes creation of a network documentation that will foster better understanding of the security framework and needs. Find out how to create that map and why it's important in this FAQ.

Have you created a map of the to-be architecture?

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Dr. Paul Rohmeyer is a faculty member at Stevens Institute of Technology, an independent security consultant focusing on enterprise IT risk management, and a frequent speaker at security and audit industry events. He has advised numerous financial, telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies in the development of secure network architectures.

You will need to review, and perhaps create, detailed network diagrams of the architecture as it will be implemented and may later need to examine the management console software and individual security devices. The creation of network documentation will foster an understanding of the security architecture and also ensure that any security incidents can be traced. Also, network documentation is essential in large networks where multiple parties may be engaged in an investigation. Network documentation should be detailed, including identification of all network security devices, access paths and business-critical segments.

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