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Green IT storage services guide: Evaluating storage options

This green IT storage services guide offers resources including tips, podcasts and FAQs that will help clients conserve energy and cut costs.

Our green IT storage services guide includes interviews, tips, FAQs, podcasts and surveys that will help you to understand the plethora of green storage options available. Green IT storage services can be attractive to your customers not only for their environmentally friendly nature, but also for their ability to reduce energy costs. This guide reveals the green storage options you should pay attention to and the green storage strategies that have proven to be the least effective.

  • Green is still the color of money in storage
    This green storage survey reveals how many clients plan to address green storage issues, which green technologies have been implemented and the reasons those technologies were chosen.
  • New realities of green IT: STORAGE BIN 2.0
    Green IT storage isn't just about reducing power and cooling costs in the data center; it's about advanced functions such as telepresence, telecommuting, compliance, security and radical business process reengineering.
  • Green storage options for data centers
    Learn which environmentally friendly and performance-enhancing storage technologies to recommend that can improve capacity management and control power usage in the data center.
  • The green storage gap
    Storage departments are trying energy-saving technologies, but measuring return on investment is still a challenge.
  • Green data storage projects
    Storage expert Greg Schulz talks about five important questions that every IT solutions provider should ask potential customers.
  • Green data storage podcast
    Storage expert Greg Schulz talks about tape-based data protection and low utilization and how they affect green data storage strategies.
  • Best Practices: Planting seeds of green
    Adopting green storage practices is all about being a good corporate citizen, trying to save storage operational costs and perhaps making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Green storage quiz
    Green storage services are steadily gaining momentum in the industry. But how much do you really know about this important topic? Take this quick quiz today and find out!
  • Green power, weak dollars and more apps
    Tighter budgets could mean some belt-tightening in your customers' storage shop. To save money, they might have to spend a little on key trends: virtualization, green storage and storage as a service.

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