Green IT security services guide: Overcoming challenges in the market

This green IT security services guide offers resources including blogs, news and tips that will help clients to conserve energy and cut costs.

This guide offers blogs, news, tips and other resources for IT solutions providers offering green security services. Topics include: what to look for in green security products, the challenges in the security services market and how security services fare in a recession. If administered properly with other green computing technologies, green security can be a cost-efficient and lucrative green IT service for solutions providers. Learn how to increase your customer's energy savings through green security services and how sustainable computing technology can immediately help the environment.

Green security solutions guide table of contents

  • What should I know about green security?
  • Green security emphasizes the role of security tools, methods and practices that reduce a company's environmental impact. But is green security more hype than reality? Find out the truth.
  • Buying green security products
  • Find out how to cope with the lack of green security services on the market and get advice on conserving power and purchasing switches.
  • Cost-Cutting Through Green IT Security: Real or Myth?
  • Learn about the challenges of implementing green security and how the recession is affecting the green security services market.
  • Can IT Security Be 'Green'?
  • Customers should pay attention to suppliers, unified threat management appliances and security products' components when considering green security services.

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