Five steps to IT marketing success

Growing a channel business involves more than technology. Using these steps, you'll be able to effectively market your channel IT consulting business by getting the message out.

Executive Summary

In the fiercely competitive world of IT consulting, having solid IT skills is not enough to make your IT consulting business a success -- you need effective methods for getting your message out and differentiating yourself from your competitors. In this Channel Business How-To, you'll learn the steps to developing an effective IT marketing campaign. From identifying your audience, to developing a compelling message, to forming mutually beneficial partnerships, this advice gleaned from IT consulting veterans will take your business to the next level of success.

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To be an MSP, forget 'selling managed services,' and sell yourself

Selling managed services successfully is easier if an aspiring MSP avoids referring to "selling managed services" and comes up with its own brand, experts say. As part of that, companies should take on a trusted advisor role with their clients, selling not just products and services, but IT guidance.

Five ways to build customer loyalty

Take advice from a channel expert on how value-added resellers (VARs) can build customer loyalty. From choosing the right manufacturers, to fixing mistakes, to offering managed services, this column will help you gain loyalty and keep it going strong.

How to take advantage of the SMB opportunity

Selling security software and hardware to enterprise customers can be difficult, while the SMB market can offer more ease and business opportunities. But there are major differences in selling to SMBs, compared to enterprise customers. Learn the best practices for selling security to the SMB vs. the enterprise customer.

VARs offer tips on selling into SMB market

As the SMB market becomes more crowded, landing the business takes preparation, perspective, and perspiration.

Managed services, your business plan and you

Learn why a business plan is an essential part of any reseller's successful managed services business. Discover how to use a business plan as the impetus for refining your marketing strategy, locating sources of revenue and sizing up the competition.

VAR-VAR partnerships: Trust isn't enough

Entering a VAR-VAR arrangement without a contract is never a good idea.

Generating leads for the 'next new thing'

Gaining new customer accounts often involves some fancy footwork. This tip presents Info-Tech survey findings to help you identify when to approach a potential customer -- and who in the organization to approach -- so you can better understand business and IT needs, and ultimately develop the next great product or service.

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