Face-off: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server

Open source database management systems are here to stay and it's your job to help customers decide if they should take advantage of them. This feature compares MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, and offers tips for working with multiple DBMSs.



Opinion: MySQL CEO says watch out for vendor lock-in strategies and describes MySQL's partner programs and hosting strategy.


Overview: Companies are slowly migrating to open source. Find out who is migrating now and why.
SQL Server


Opinion: SQL Server offers more robust features at a lower price point than competing DBMSs.


Overview: Pushing a company's hot button to invest in SQL Server 2005 may be challenging -- but there are many new enhancements you can dangle in front of them.


Opinion: PostgreSQL is ready to replace Microsoft's SQL Server in the enterprise. Should you be on the bandwagon?


Opinion: PostgreSQL matches up to other commercial DBMSs and is suitable for both large and small enterprises.
Running open source and proprietary systems


Best practices: Get help determining which customers you should and should not migrate from SQL Server to MySQL.


Best practices: Get help migrating to open source MySQL.


Best practices: PostgreSQL 8.0 to is the first version to include native Windows support. Get help running the systems together in this tip.


Best practices: Get DBMS feature and functionality comparisons to keep in mind when working with both SQL Server to MySQL.


Best practices: Learn how to share or convert data between open source MySQL and proprietary SQL Server.

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