Encryption software vendors

Use our Partner Program Directory to choose an encryption software vendor partner. Whether you are looking for a new partner program or want to see what your competition's partner programs are like, our easy-to-read checklists will help you weigh the benefits of various programs.

If you offer encryption software products or services, choosing the right encryption software vendor partner is crucial. Even if you are content with your choice of encryption software partner, it is a good idea to keep an eye on comparable vendor programs. Our Partner Program Directory is designed to help you through this process. Peruse the list of encryption software vendors here, then click through to view a standardized checklist of the benefits each security vendor offers via its partner program.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ABACA-------------------------------------------------------------------

Abaca offers email protection software and hardware with encryption and spam blockers for SMBs.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CENTENNIAL SOFTWARE-------------------------------------------------------------

Centennial Software offers encryption software products for endpoint and USB security, such as Security.Suite, an integrated package to calculate IT asset risks with encryption and vulnerability identification.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CHECK POINT------------------------------------------------------------

Check Point offers full data encryption software products from disk encryption to mobile media encryption, as well as endpoint security and networking products.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: INGRIAN-------------------------------------------------------------------

Ingrian offers hardware-based security appliances for encryption and key management purposes, allowing the database administrators to have control of the encryption keys.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: MCAFEE-------------------------------------------------------------------

McAfee offers encryption software, Endpoint Encryption (formerly SafeBoot Encryption) and USB Encyption for SMBs. For enterprise customers, McAfee offers command line encryption software for secure file transfers.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NORMAN ----------------------------------------------------------

Norman offers Norman NetProtector 3000, an email security appliance offering wire-level encryption as well as antivirus and spam blockers.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: PGP---------------------------------------------------------------

PGP offers a data protection platform for enterprises and SMBs with hard drive encryption, email encryption and file encryption.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: SYMANTEC-------------------------------------------

Symantec offers Veritas NetBackup, a data protection software with storage management as well as advanced encryption.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: TUMBLEWEED-----------------------------------------------------------

Tumbleweed offers Secure Messenger, an email encryption software with server-to-server connections and password-protection.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ZL TECH-----------------------------------------

ZL Tech offers different products ranging from integrated e-discovery to email encryption.

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