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Do your end-user machines exceed Vista hardware requirements?

Find out what hardware requirements Vista has and why meeting the minimum hardware requirements may not be enough.

Q: Do your end-user machines exceed Vista hardware requirements?

About the author
J. Peter Bruzzese is an independent consultant and has worked for and with Goldman Sachs, CommVault Systems and Microsoft, among other clients. He focuses on corporate training and travels frequently to speak at conferences. Peter is the author of Tricks of the Windows Vista Masters and writes for Redmond Magazine. Listen to his supplemental podcast on Vista deployment to hear more information about compatibility problems and Vista vs. XP.

Companies that examine their hardware situation and determine they are ready for a Vista deployment because they meet the minimum hardware requirements that Microsoft requires to deploy Vista are in for some big disappointments. The minimum hardware requirement just to install Vista is 512 MB of RAM, but most experts would agree that you need at least 1 GB to run Vista -- and 2 GB to run it properly. It's important to be prepared for hardware upgrades, even if the minimum requirements appear to be met. You will also want to know if there are any 64-bit desktop or laptop systems. You can install the 32-bit version on those systems but if you decide to use the 64-bit version, you will need 64-bit drivers for those systems as well. You should also make sure you know the hardware involved so that you can guarantee that you have the necessary drivers.

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