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Do you have an organized Vista deployment plan?

To deploy Vista with the fewest headaches, it's important to have an organized Vista deployment plan. Find out how to formulate this plan in this FAQ guide.

Q: Do you have an organized Vista deployment plan?

About the author
J. Peter Bruzzese is an independent consultant and has worked for and with Goldman Sachs, CommVault Systems and Microsoft, among other clients. He focuses on corporate training and travels frequently to speak at conferences. Peter is the author of Tricks of the Windows Vista Masters and writes for Redmond Magazine. Listen to his supplemental podcast on Vista deployment to hear more information about compatibility problems and Vista vs. XP.

This might seem too basic. But let's face it, without a step-by-step Vista deployment plan, it's impossible to be truly prepared to perform any mass deployment. One element that is always lacking amongst admins and consultants is the testing phase to the plan. Before you deploy Vista en masse, you should set up a few test systems to make sure you document any problems (and their corresponding solutions) before you proceed on a large scale. Will you perform an overnight (or over-weekend) deployment? What impact will that have on the client's users? Have the people been trained first? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before jumping in headfirst.

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