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Do you have AC or DC power?

Learn why to ask your clients about AC/DC power when planning a blade server virtualization project. Discover why DC power in the data center makes sense in certain circumstances.

Q: Do you have AC or DC power support?

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Martin MacLeod is an IT consultant based in London with several years' experience deploying and supporting blade servers in volume. He also blogs at, where he tracks news on blade servers, grids and virtualization. Listen to the rest of Martin's answers on blade server virtualization by downloading our blade server virtualization podcast.

One of the topics of discussion has been the question of DC power in the data center. Are we going to look at DC power in the future? Do we need to consider the boxes that are being shipped operating for AC power? What tools do we need, and what does the customer need to think about, when switching over to DC in order to get the reported benefits of DC power in the data center? Power and cooling are the main costs of running your data center now, more so than hardware.

This was last published in February 2008

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