Desktop virtualization cheat sheet

As the popularity of desktop virtualization continues to grow, the opportunity to profit from desktop virtualization services grows as well. Use this collection of desktop virtualization resources to hone your knowledge of desktop virtualization services.

As server virtualization fever sweeps through the IT industry, other kinds of virtualization are following, and many solution providers are turning their attention to one of the up-and-coming forms of virtualization services -- desktop virtualization services. We've collected the most recent tips and features on desktop virtualization services from and for your convenience. Learn about the benefits of desktop virtualization and how you can sell desktop virtualization services to your customers.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) explained: Learn about VDI and its advantages in this Channel Explained.

Benefits of desktop virtualization: This installment of our Hot Spot Tutorial on virtualization services explains the benefits of desktop virtualization, from management to security.

Parallels CEO Serguei Beloussov talks desktop virtualization at VMworld 2008: Find out what virtualization company Parallels has planned for desktop virtualization in this podcast from VMworld 2008.

More on desktop virtualization
For more information on desktop virtualization, check out our topics page.

Desktop and application virtualization choices: This tip outlines the options that solution providers can choose from when deciding to implement desktop and application virtualization, from VDI to application streaming.

Will desktop virtualization boost adoption of thin clients?: In this news story, find out whether or not desktop virtualization will boost thin client adoption.

Desktop virtualization creates new revenue opportunities for VARs: Learn about revenue opportunities around desktop virtualization, including deployment, implementation and maintenance.

Citrix desktop virtualization strategy debuts at Synergy '08: News writer Colin Steele reports on Citrix's latest desktop virtualization strategy.

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