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Datapipe-Adapt deal expands cloud computing on two continents

Datapipe's 2016 acquisition of Adapt, a cloud consultant in the United Kingdom, has led to new business such as a hosted Skype for Business project at a food manufacturer.

A pair of fortuitous acquisitions is helping Datapipe expand its cloud business with a client in the food manufacturing industry.

Datapipe Inc., a Jersey City, N.J., company that provides managed services for public cloud platforms, acquired Adapt, an MSP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner in the United Kingdom, in August 2016. Among the clients inherited through the Datapipe-Adapt transaction is Greencore Group, a producer of convenience foods based in London that uses Adapt's private cloud services

Greencore, an Adapt client since 2014, in turn, acquired Peacock Foods, a food manufacturer based in the U.S., in November 2016. Greencore's stateside acquisition could further grow Datapipe's cloud footprint with the company. Already, Datapipe provides a hosted Skype for Business service for both Greencore and Peacock Foods.

Datapipe: Adapt private cloud cuts cost

Greencore's initial cloud foray was to move its IT infrastructure from an entirely on-premises setup to Adapt's Habitat private cloud offering, which lets customers deploy custom-developed third-party applications on its dedicated infrastructure, said Tony Connor, head of marketing for Datapipe's EMEA region. Habitat can also extend to hybrid cloud environments, integrating with Datapipe's managed AWS and Microsoft Azure services, for example.

Tony Connor, head of EMEA marketing, DatapipeTony Connor

Greencore was "growing significantly and the cost of growing their infrastructure was becoming prohibitive from a Capex point of view," Connor said. "That was one of the reasons they were looking to move to a more cloud-based solution."

So, Adapt migrated Greencore's applications and workloads to its private cloud. The goal was to reduce infrastructure costs and provide greater agility to deal with peaks and troughs in the demand for food products, Connor explained. The company makes sandwiches sold in the U.K. via food retailers such as Tesco PLC and in the U.S. through outlets, including Starbucks.

The infrastructure shift enabled Greencore to save an initial 25% on data center costs. The resulting cost avoidance has freed funds for Greencore's overseas acquisition activities, according to Datapipe.

Hosted Skype for Business

The Datapipe-Adapt combination has set the stage for new cloud business. Datapipe's first push beyond the original Adapt project involved helping Greencore establish infrastructure in the U.S. to provide a hosted Skype for Business service, which went live in April 2017. Greencore needed Skype hosted locally, instead of in Adapt's U.K. facility, to support its business operations in the U.S. The collaboration system required local hosting due to the latency demands of voice and video, Connor said.

Although the hosted Skype for Business service was deployed with Greencore in mind, IT users at Peacock Foods will also use the offering.

There are ... multiple multinational clients of Adapt that are now utilizing the international capabilities of Datapipe.
Tony Connorhead of EMEA marketing, Datapipe

Peacock Foods, which operates seven manufacturing facilities in the U.S., may take on additional services. "Greencore is considering their options for integrating their U.S. businesses from both a business process and IT perspective, which may include moving some or all of the Peacock's IT infrastructure into Datapipe, either in the U.S. or U.K.," Connor said. "Certainly, there is a future potential for additional services within the account," he said.

Greencore is the first Adapt customer to tap Datapipe's global cloud hosting capacity, Connor said. He said Adapt's leadership team pointed out that the company previously had to partner with third-party service providers when a multinational client based in the U.K. needed IT help elsewhere. But in light of the Datapipe-Adapt deal, that business is beginning to go to Datapipe.

"There are ... multiple multinational clients of Adapt that are now utilizing the international capabilities of Datapipe," Connor said.

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