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Data storage planning and technologies: Top five reseller guides

Data storage planning and technology never present resellers the same challenges twice. Use these top five guides to make sure you are up to every challenge.

Data storage management is as diverse as your customers. Disaster recovery, iSCSI, storage area networks, Fibre Channel and server and data center planning are all considerations responsible resellers have to consider when running a storage management shop. Often times being a pro at one aspect of storage requires expertise in several other areas. Check out these top five storage guides to make sure your business is prepared to handle everything customers throw at it.

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Data disaster recovery plans: How to deliver DR plans
Most businesses fail to test their data disaster recovery plans more than once every year -- if they have plans at all. This is where you come in. As a value-added reseller or systems integrator you can help customers identify what they should be doing to prepare for unexpected events, explain why DR plans are a necessity -- not a luxury -- and actually deliver plans to suit their needs.

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Disaster Recovery Services Guide

Top reseller tips
Server virtualization for SMBs: Top five reseller tips

Preparing for a disaster or disruption of any kind requires a comprehensive approach that ensures disaster recovery and restoration for customers are achievable within recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) targets. While implementing a thorough recovery and data protection plan isn't a small task, the potential benefits are significant. New technologies and methodologies available today have made implementing a DR strategy more affordable, efficient and reliable. The benefits of such a strategy go beyond DR, allowing you to help customers put in place a process that will make daily operations less costly and easier to manage.

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iSCSI storage vs. Fibre Channel storage: A SAN tutorial
Fibre Channel (FC) arrays have traditionally been the data transmission technology of choice for customer storage area networks (SANs), but many shops are beginning to turn to iSCSI storage systems -- a less expensive data transmission option. From cost to speed and performance, iSCSI and FC are both competing for the SAN market, and our SAN tutorial offers a side-by-side comparison to help you determine which is the right technology for your customer.

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Server room and data storage facility planning: A learning guide
Being an active participant in data center planning can help you prove your worth as a reseller to your customer. By acting as a resource, sounding board or contractor, a solid relationship can be built and trust can be established. But before any of that can happen, you must have the best available knowledge and resources at your finger tips to make the best server room and data storage facility planning decisions. This guide will introduce you to server and storage room planning essentials to bring with you to your customers' shops.

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Storage Area Network (SAN) Services Guide
New storage demands have made it more challenging for resellers to deliver storage products and services. Customers must manage increasing volumes of storage at lower cost; SAN technology performance and availability are critical; and customers must realize they are getting value for their money and implementing technologies that will deliver a considerable return on investment (ROI).

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