Data deduplication cheat sheet

As organizations look to save money, data deduplication has emerged as a convenient and cost-effective method of reducing storage needs and expenses. Use this collection of data deduplication resources to hone your knowledge of data deduplication services.

With no end in sight for the "more data, less money" scenario your customers are facing, it's more important than ever for them to cut costs wherever possible. Enter data deduplication -- a cost effective and efficient way of reducing storage needs. We've collected the most recent tips and features on data deduplication services from for your convenience. Learn about the benefits of data deduplication and how you can sell data deduplication services to your customers.

Host-based vs. VTL vs. NAS data deduplication: This tip explains the importance of focusing on a deduplication technology approach first, rather than on the product.

Five questions to ask in a data deduplication project: This Channel Checklist outlines the five most important questions to begin with when starting a data deduplication project.

New dynamics in data protection sales: Find out how to package data protection software such as CDP and deduplication with hardware to maintain revenue levels while shifting customers' backup plans. .

Affordable tiered storage via data deduplication services: Storage expert George Crump explains how combining deduplication and disk-based storage can pave the way to affordable tiered storage.

Explaining deduplication rates and single-instance storage to clients: Deduplication rates can influence your clients' deduplication purchasing choice; learn how to set their expectations around what dedupe will bring them.

Data deduplication's impact for customers: This FAQ focuses on the impact of data deduplication on your customer and whether or not its a right fit for their storage needs.

Effective remote backup with data deduplication: This tip examines how data deduplication technology can lend itself to effective remote backup.

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