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Cloud Provider Spotlight: Insight from top cloud providers

In the Cloud Provider Spotlight library, get insight from thought leaders in the cloud provider world who share their experiences in the market.

The cloud industry is constantly changing -- from emerging niches to evolving business models -- and cloud providers need help to navigate these changes. Cloud Provider Spotlight is a monthly guest column on in which industry leaders discuss the technical and business issues they face, while also sharing their experiences and insights with their peers.Cloud Provider Spotlight

Cloud Provider Spotlight columns are written by technical experts and business leaders who work for cloud providers. If you are interested in participating in the Cloud Provider Spotlight program, contact our editors at for more details and requirements.


How big data and mobility fuel the need for open cloud architectures

Dennis Quan, IBM

Service providers see an opportunity in big data analytics, but it's not always clear how it fits into a cloud strategy. It's time for a substantive discussion about big data, cloud and interoperability, says IBM's Quan.

How to survive in the cloud storage market

Andres Rodriguez, Nasuni

To successfully compete in the cloud storage market, providers need to offer much more than just storage services. Nasuni's Andres Rodriguez explains how cloud storage providers must provide real value for customers to thrive in the market.

Open cloud: Just a buzzword or the future of infrastructure?

Gerardo A. Dada, Rackspace

While some technology professionals call open cloud a buzzword, Rackspace's Gerardo A. Dada explains how a truly open cloud can help companies enjoy portability, federation and the ability to do multi-cloud deployments.

Get the sales team out of the way: Cloud sales should be 'frictionless'

Treb Ryan, Dimension Data

Enabling cloud customers to bypass a sales team not only fosters an atmosphere for fast growth, but it can also maintain predictable prices and revenue. Dimension Data's Treb Ryan explains how "frictionless" cloud sales benefit the provider and the customer.

Cloud needs new IT organizational structure: How providers can help

Phil Neray, Intigua

Enterprises must adopt more vertically oriented IT structures in order to build private clouds. Phil Neray  of Intigua offers tips cloud providers can give enterprises to help them build them.

Metro storage clusters manage data growth, add value to IaaS

Said Syed, Verizon Terremark

Verizon Terremark's Said Syed discusses three primary value propositions for cloud providers to consider when examining whether to adopt metro storage clusters, geographically distributed storage platforms that can improve the availability and reliability of cloud storage.

Why every cloud provider needs a robust security audit strategy

Sean Bruton, HOSTING

For cloud providers, the traditional way of demonstrating risk management -- by providing Service Organization Control reports and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Reports on Compliance -- isn't enough anymore. Providers need a security audit strategy that offers a customized analysis for each customer, according to Sean Bruton of HOSTING.

Providers must address top cloud computing issues to succeed

Saad Shahzad, dinCloud

After several major cloud providers suffered setbacks in 2012, dinCloud's Saad Shahzad address three key issues providers must face to promote customer adoption and succeed in 2013.

Promote cloud adoption with extensible, policy-driven governance

Derick Townsend, ServiceMesh

Cloud providers must be prepared to answer users' questions about cloud governance. Derick Townsend of ServiceMesh discusses best practices and policies that providers can discuss with customers to ensure they've applied the appropriate level of governance.

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