Choosing a wireless networking vendor

When selecting wireless networking vendors as partners, you want to make sure you fully understand the benefits as a reseller. This Partner Program Directory examines wireless vendors across the board, including major vendors and some smaller ones. Check out each Partner Program Checklist to learn about the wireless equipment vendors' reseller benefits.

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Choosing wireless networking vendors as partners begins with identifying your technology needs when offering wireless networking services. Will you be implementing indoor or outdoor wireless networks for your customers? Wi-Fi or WiMax? Once you create your short list of wireless vendors that offer the appropriate access points, antennas, client bridges and other equipment, you can start to compare the benefits of each wireless networking vendor's partner program. Our Partner Program Directory is designed to help you through this process. Peruse the list of wireless equipment vendors here, then click through to view a standardized checklist of the benefits each networking vendor offers via its partner program.

ADTRAN PARTNER CHECKLIST--------------------------------------------------------------------
ADTRAN offers a variety of business-class wireless solutions, including Wi-Fi and 3G wireless solutions for small retailers up to large enterprises.

AIRAYA PARTNER CHECKLIST---------------------------------------------------------------------
Airaya offers outdoor multipoint and point-to-point equipment, including wireless Ethernet bridges, for service providers and enterprise and public safety networks.

ARUBA PARTNER CHECKLIST----------------------------------------------------------------------
Aruba offers adaptive WLANs for enterprise customers, including integration services.

BELAIR NETWORKS PARTNER CHECKLIST----------------------------------------------------
BelAir Networks offers broadband mesh technologies, including wireless mesh nodes, routers and network management systems, for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 4.9 GHz public safety networks.

CISCO PARTNER CHECKLIST-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Cisco offerings include 802.11 indoor and outdoor access points, wireless mesh access points, bridges, wireless LAN controllers, wireless integrated switches and routers, and more.

HP PARTNER CHECKLIST----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hewlett-Packard offers a variety of wireless hardware equipment for the SMB, enterprise and public sector, including 802.11 access points and Ethernet bridges.

JUNIPER NETWORKS PARTNER CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------
Juniper Networks offers networking and security products that help consolidate network security issues for small, medium and large enterprises.

MOTOROLA PARTNER CHECKLIST----------------------------------------------------------------
Motorola offers a variety of networking solutions, including wireless networking, mobile computing, RFID and wireline broadband technologies.

NETGEAR PARTNER CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------------
NETGEAR offers wireless routers, adapters and other networking products for SMBs and enterprises.

OVISLINK CORP. PARTNER CHECKLIST---------------------------------------------------------
Ovislink Corp. offers GPRS triband card and 802.11 wireless hardware equipment, including wireless indoor and outdoor access points, bridges and clients.

RUCKUS WIRELESS PARTNER CHECKLIST---------------------------------------------------
Ruckus Wireless offers its ZoneFlex technology primarily through its channel, emphasizing verticals such as SMBs, healthcare, education and hospitality.

SMARTBRIDGES PARTNER CHECKLIST---------------------------------------------------------
smartBridges offers standards-based wireless technology such as access points, antennas and network management software for communications service providers.

SMC NETWORKS PARTNER CHECKLIST--------------------------------------------------------
SMC Networks provides network interface cards, stackable, dual-speed hubs and switches for Ethernet and fast Ethernet technologies.

TRAPEZE NETWORKS PARTNER CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------
Trapeze Networks offers WLAN infrastructure for the enterprise market, including bridges, meshes, access points, controllers and software for mobility and access control management.

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