Check up on systems services for your clients

Use these easy-to-scan checklists to get a valuable overview of key systems topics in the minimum amount of time.

Looking for a quick and easy way to provide added value to your clients? Look no further than our Channel Checklists. These easy-to-scan checklists provide a valuable overview of key systems topics that give you the maximum amount of usable information in the minimum amount of time. To make our Channel Checklists even more accessible, we offer all of them as easy-to-download PDFs that you can print out and bring with you to client sites. Email us your requests for more Channel Checklists, and check back here for more installments in the series.

Top four features to ease Vista deployment

Windows Vista deployment tool improvements can ease the pain service providers experience when deploying the OS. The chore will be easier if features like WIM, PE, Image X and WDS are put to good use.

Five ways to save money on server room cooling

Server room cooling costs are rising, and old methods of server room design don't help the situation. Follow these five approaches to server room design to contain costs for your customers.

Software as a Service revenue opportunities

Value-added resellers who are concerned about Software as a Service taking a chunk out of their bottom line have a legitimate concern. But by taking advantage of new SaaS opportunities such as the four detailed below, VARs can continue to generate Software as a Service revenue.

Packaging virtual appliances for SMBs

If you haven't yet considered packaging virtual appliances with your server and software offerings, it's time to take a look at what opportunities you're missing. Contributor Chris Wolf offers ideas for virtual appliance offerings and a checklist for maintaining VMs in an SMB environment.

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