Check up on networking services for your clients

Use these easy-to-scan checklists to get a valuable overview of key networking topics in the minimum amount of time.

Looking for a quick and easy way to provide added value to your clients? Look no further than our Channel Checklists. These easy-to-scan checklists provide a valuable overview of key networking topics that give you the maximum amount of usable information in the minimum amount of time. To make our Channel Checklists even more accessible, we offer all of them as easy-to-download PDFs that you can print out and bring with you to client sites. Email us your requests for more Channel Checklists, and check back here for more installments in the series.


How to configure a PIX firewall

Help protect customer networks by installing and configuring the PIX firewalls you sell. This checklist walks you through the configuration to help ensure a smooth process.


Top five tools for troubleshooting a WLAN

Customers with WLAN connectivity problems are quick to place blame on airwaves. Service providers know the problem may run deeper. These five WLAN tools will help you investigate the problem and find the real culprit.


How to set up a network to optimize performance and reliability

A reliable network begins with a sound setup. Learn five tips for optimizing your customers' networks for performance and reliability.

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