Check Point NGX R65 FAQs

This last section of the chapter excerpt will provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

By Ralph Bonnell

Service Provider Takeaway: Check Point's NGX is the primary security software platform for the company's enterprise firewall, VPN and management solutions. NGX R65 is the newest release from the company. This section of the chapter excerpt, from Check Point NGX R65 Security Administration by Ralph Bonnell, will provide answers to users' Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Limiting access to specific IP addresses was always an important part of two-factor security with SmartConsole clients. Can I do that with SmartPortal?

A: Yes, limiting access to specific IP addresses is retained in the new interface. You can configure this by creating or editing the hosts.allowed file on the SmartPortal Server.

Q: Where do I install the SmartPortal Server?

A: You can install SmartPortal either on a dedicated server or on the SCS itself.

Q: Which Web browsers are compatible with SmartPortal?

A: SmartPortal is compatible with these browsers:

Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape

The only other requirements are that you enable JavaScript and disable pop-up blockers.

Q: Is a SmartDefense Services subscription required to use SmartDefense or Web Intelligence?

A: No. SmartDefense and Web Intelligence are built in. You need the subscription only to get real-time updates and configuration advisories.

Q: I don't see where in my rulebase I can select SmartDefense. Where is it?

A: SmartDefense and Web Intelligence are configured on their own tabs within SmartDashboard.

Q: What types of defenses does SmartDefense/Web Intelligence provide?

A: SmartDefense/Web Intelligence provides defenses against attacks, implicit defenses, and abnormal-behavior analysis.

Q: What type of objects can be cloned?

A: Only network and host objects can be cloned, but that's a good start.

Q: Do I need a separate license for SecurePlatform?

A: No. SecurePlatform (the regular version) is free. SecurePlatform Pro requires a separate, additional license.

NGX R65 Operational Changes
  New SmartPortal Features
  New Firewall-1/VPN-1 Features
  Edge Support for CLM
  Integrity Advanced Server
  Check Point NGX R65 FAQs

Reprinted from Chapter one of Check Point NGX R65 Security Administration by Ralph Bonnell. Printed with permission from Syngress, a division of Elsevier. Copyright 2007. For more information about this title, please visit

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