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Can you offer tips on finding new customers for solution providers?

To win new customers, solution providers need to differentiate themselves from competitors, demonstrate their unique vision, and show how they are able to deliver relevant solutions to clients.

Can you offer any tips for finding new customers?

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Paul Myerson is the senior channel analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Listen to more from Paul in our top VAR business concerns podcast

That ties right back to the ways solution providers differentiate themselves. We at ESG get a lot of feedback from end users noting that they like to hear vendor-neutral ideas, and then determine which vendor's technology fits best. It's not about touting a particular vendor or specific technology -- the end user community is looking for thought leadership on a regular basis. We're talking about things like iSCSI or green solutions or managed services, all of which have an impact on end users, their process and the way they do business. In my opinion, identifying and presenting those creative ideas is a great way to find new customers.

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