Back to (digital signage) school

Here’s what VARs need to know to build a digital signage practice.

To get some agnostic education about the fundamentals of digital signage, the Digital Signage Experts Group offers these courses:

Digital Signage Certified Expert—covers the fundamentals of digital signage, hardware, networks, software, content, fees and service models, ROI/TCO/ROO, and selling value in digital signage.

Digital Signage Network Expert—covers networking fundamentals, network communications and network security.

Digital Signage Display Expert—covers various types of display technology, calibration, system design considerations and ergonomics.

Digital Signage Sales Professional—covers the evolution of signage, markets and applications, system components as well as software, content, profit. It also includes selling services and value in digital signage.

Many vendors offer their partners product-specific training. Cisco runs the Cisco Academy of Digital Signage, an education initiative that teaches how to create and optimize media content for digital signage. The two-day course covers content creation, content management and content layout and targets media professionals, content and media companies interested in creating digital content and Cisco partners that want to expand their solution capabilities.

Check out how digital signage can bring new revenue for VARs.

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