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Are you using tape-based data protection?

Find out why customers using tape-based data protection put resellers and integrators in a good position to add value in a green storage project.

Are you using tape-based data protection, and do you have plans for migrating off of tape?

This question is important because a VAR might be trying to sell a customer a data deduplication solution -- a very popular topic these days. The customer may be thinking about going that route in the future, but they're still using tape-based data protection solutions. Well, it turns out that tape is a very green technology, since when it's not being used, it's not using any power. It has great performance and great capabilities for storing data. So, that customer is an opportunity now.

About the author
Greg Schulz is founder of the StorageIO Group and author of the books Resilient Storage Networks: Designing Flexible Scalable Data Infrastructures (Elsevier) and The Green and Virtual Data Center: Strategies for enabling environmental and economically friendly Next Generation Data (Auerbach). Learn more at

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