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Are we going to see VMware become spun off from EMC?

Learn whether VMware and VMware channel partners would benefit if EMC spun it off.

I'm not sure VMware would not be where they are today, even if EMC [hadn't] bought them.

About the author
Rod Lucero is chief technical officer of St. Paul, Minn.-based VAR VMPowered. Listen to the rest of Rod's answers on VMware by downloading our VMware podcast.

 I don't see EMC owning VMware as a bad thing, and I don't see it as a good thing either. I'm happy to see that VMware has really been able to do their own thing -- I see that as being really important. VMware is still a company that's innovative. I'm for whatever business setup that works to allow them to continue being innovative. If that means that they continue being owned by EMC, I think that's OK. If EMC spins them off, then I think that's OK too.


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