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Archiving vendors

Our Partner Program Directory is built to aid you in selecting an archiving vendor partner. Use the easy-to-read checklists to compare the benefits of various vendors or to review your competition's partner programs.

Storage value-added resellers (VARs) who sell and support archiving products have a range of issues to consider in the product selection process, most importantly their customers' retention needs. Compliance requirements are driving decisions around archiving media, data migration practices and attributes such as rewrite ability and indexing/search. With that level of complexity on the customer side of the equation, our Partner Program Directory on archiving vendors is designed to answer some of the questions VARs have about archiving vendor partner programs, with details on marketing and communications, tech resources, lead generation, training and certification.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: HP---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hewlett-Packard offers a diverse range of archiving products for compliance and e-discovery. The company provides various hardware and software systems that aim to mitigate business risk. Its archiving products cover database, file, email (for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino) and medical image archiving. HP also sells an integrated hardware/software storage system that handles native content indexing, search and policy management.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: SYMANTEC---------------------------------------------------------------

Symantec provides archiving software for email systems, file servers and instant messaging platforms. The company's archiving products consist of software for automatic mailbox management, content management, collaboration systems and instant messaging.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NETAPP-------------------------------------------------------------------

NetApp has partnered with archiving vendors to offer both primary and secondary storage of email archives. NetApp's goal is to lower cost and complexity by using one single process and one set of software for email, file and SAP archiving.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: IBM--------------------------------------------------------------------------

IBM provides both hardware and software archiving tools that are developed for database, email, SAP and medical archiving.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: K-PAR----------------------------------------------------------------------

K-Par specializes in archiving software for CD/DVD and optical storage archiving systems. The company's flagship product is a hierarchical storage management (HSM) system designed to provide easy access to data libraries.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: JATHEON TECHNOLOGIES------------------------------------------

Jatheon Technologies offers hardware to manage archiving of instant messaging files and email. Its products specialize in reducing exposure to risk, lowering storage costs and increasing accessibility of data.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: AXS-ONE------------------------------------------------------------------

AXS-One provides a variety of archiving options -- both hosted and traditionally provisioned -- for archiving email, IM and individual files.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: BARRACUDA NETWORKS-------------------------------------------

Barracuda Networks provides a hardware/software system that enables email archiving, indexing and retrieval of email messages.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CA---------------------------------------------------------------------------

CA uses storage management software to archive, manage and track emails, perform disk backup and restore data information. The company markets its products as being cost-effective and able to meet all compliance requirements.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: EMC-------------------------------------------------------------------------

EMC offers software archiving products for email and IM, enterprise applications, file systems, integrated content and SharePoint. The company has several product families as well as individual products specifically for business archiving needs.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ZL TECHNOLOGIES----------------------------------------------------

ZL Technologies' product line includes software for archiving email and file data. Some of its products are also tailored to work specifically with Lotus Notes and Exchange.

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