Advanced desktop virtualization services: Licensing and application delivery

Learn about software licensing issues and the debate over implementing SaaS vs. desktop virtualization services in this Hot Spot Tutorial chapter.

Advanced desktop virtualization services are the logical next step for solutions providers that know the benefits of desktop virtualization and best practices for implementation.

One of the most useful advanced desktop virtualization services you can offer to customers is helping them sort out their software licensing issues. Most traditional software licenses don't take virtualization into account, so identifying these issues before deployment is key for you and your customers. You can also help them decide whether a Software as a Service (SaaS) or desktop virtualization implementation is better for their application delivery needs.

Learn how to use these advanced desktop virtualization services to your advantage in this Hot Spot Tutorial chapter.

Table of contents

Desktop virtualization projects: Overcoming software licensing issues -- Software licensing issues can get you and your customers in hot water during desktop virtualization deployments. Find out how to identify and address these unique problems.

Software as a Service vs. desktop virtualization solutions -- Learn how cost, complexity, maintenance and reliability considerations can affect whether you recommend Software as a Service or desktop virtualization to your customers.

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