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Understanding the cloud service broker model

Learn what a cloud service broker's role is in the marketplace.


Cloud service brokers, which function as intermediaries between cloud providers and enterprises, help strengthen the relationships providers have with customers by offering consulting and integration services for them. In this Essential Guide, learn how providers can develop the cloud broker model and what the future holds for cloud brokers in the marketplace.


Adapting in a rapidly changing marketplace

As customers expand their use of the cloud beyond testing and development, many are expecting more of a plug-and-play feel with cloud services. Explore how cloud service brokers are adapting to meet these changes, as well as to the needs of their customers and provider partners.


Cloud broker skills in higher demand as cloud adoption gains momentum

As more enterprises turn to cloud adoption, cloud brokers are becoming vital to managing cloud provider relationships and services. Continue Reading


Cloud broker services: How the role of cloud 'middleman' is evolving

Learn about the three distinct business models cloud brokers can pursue in response to new customer demands. Continue Reading


Cloud broker or cloud provider: Who says you can't be both?

The lines between cloud broker and cloud provider is getting blurry as some begin to offer services that complement their partners' portfolios. Continue Reading


Cloud service brokers must differentiate as cloud market matures

Cloud brokers need to realign their relationships and differentiate their abilities as providers start to adopt or develop their own broker strategies. Continue Reading


Building relationships with customers and providers

A cloud service broker's relationship with a cloud provider is just as important as its relationship with its customers. Learn how brokers are developing their relationships with providers.


A cloud broker can be a cloud provider's best friend

Cloud brokers must make themselves essential to providers as enterprises adopt cloud services. Continue Reading


Cloud data security: Use a third party or do the job yourself?

When enterprises debate whether to use a provider when they enter the cloud, cloud services brokers can get them on the right track. Continue Reading


Cloud Sherpas to expand partnerships beyond Google, Salesforce in 2013

Michael Cohn, co-founder and senior vice president of marketing at Cloud Sherpas, a Google and partner, discusses the cloud broker's expansion into new partnerships and markets. Continue Reading


Cloud service brokers: Q&A with Robert Fox

Robert Fox, director of enterprise application integration and business-to-business software development at Liaison Technologies, discusses the evolving role of cloud brokers in today's market. Continue Reading

3The future-

What's next for cloud service brokers?

As the cloud broker model adapts to a changing market, explore what industry leaders have to say about the future for cloud brokers.


Cloud computing brokers are doomed, says Savvis exec

While the president of cloud provider Savvis says cloud computing marketplaces are doomed to fail, some disagree. Continue Reading


Cloud brokers emerge to sort out the chaos of cloud services

Cloud brokers have become a necessity in helping customers navigate the cloud marketplace and placing them with the right provider. Continue Reading


Cloud service broker Appirio: Focus on fewer partners, avoid the hype

Glenn Weinstein, chief technology officer at Appirio, discusses how his company is adapting to a changing cloud computing market by developing deeper relationships with a smaller number of provider partners. Continue Reading


Terms to know

Get informed about these important cloud broker-related definitions.

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