Navigating cloud computing regulations and compliance requirements

Last updated:July 2013

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  • Accommodating customers: How far should you go?
  • Can FedRAMP compliance boost adoption?
  • HIPAA: Improving healthcare's relationship with the cloud

Editor's note

Attempting to achieve an adequate level of compliance in the cloud can leave providers and customers scratching their heads -- and for good reason. There is a dizzying number of acronyms to refer to a wide variety of cloud computing regulations and requirements that both parties must address, and it's a task that induces a lot of stress and skepticism in potential customers. Customers worry that moving their data to the cloud not only can compromise their industry-specific compliance requirements, but also put them at risk for security breaches. This cloud compliance guide will clarify where the bulk of the responsibility lies when attempting to achieve cloud compliance, what customers expect from providers, and what advantages and obstacles initiatives like HIPAA and FedRAMP introduce.