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MSP security essentials for every IT service provider

Ignoring the demand for MSP security services not only limits your business growth but puts your customers at risk. Review this guide for tips and insight into developing your cybersecurity practice.


Customers of all sizes realize it's imperative to protect their businesses from the modern cyber perils. The urgency for upgraded security has some powerful drivers. The growing awareness of potentially debilitating threats like ransomware is one such driver. The potentially hefty fines for not complying with data protection regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, General Data Protection Regulation, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is another. Cybersecurity has become an unavoidable part of running a business, and many customers, overwhelmed by the requirements, are reaching out to service providers for help. However, the growing demand for managed security services is outpacing the supply of MSP security firms ready to meet the challenges.

This guide is a boot camp for managed services providers looking to beef up their security practices. You'll find an overview of the MSP's role in the current cybersecurity landscape. We also provide a series of 'how to' articles exploring the various aspects of setting up and developing your MSP security capabilities. Finally, we end this guide with a look at emerging opportunities, and threats, that MSPs should be prepared for.

1MSP security landscape-

First thing's first: Focusing on security

MSPs run the gamut from hardened security experts to absolute beginners; yet, they all share a common responsibility for protecting their customers' assets from malicious actors and potential breaches. In the following selection of articles, you'll see ways MSPs are involved -- and getting started -- in the security market today.


Think of your MSP as a security provider

MSPs are dealing with cybersecurity in a real way, every day, but it's an area that many businesses have been hesitant to take head on. Use these tips to rethink your business and identify the next steps for developing a security focus. Continue Reading


Customers besieged by ransomware attacks

By now, most MSPs have had firsthand experience dealing with ransomware. Learn what MSPs are doing to help customers prevent attacks and solve IT problems that result from infections. Continue Reading


Managed security services: A strategic asset to clients

What's causing organizations to turn to managed security services? This article highlights the customer's perspective on the value of offloading their security burdens to MSSPs. Continue Reading


Channel firms grapple with security first steps

CompTIA members share their key considerations for addressing challenges and opportunities of the cybersecurity market. Continue Reading


Vendors target MSPs with cloud-based security

Some MSPs are entering the security market through third-party partnerships. Read about MSPs that are bundling their services with vendors' security-as-a-service offerings. Continue Reading


MSPs, channel partners prepare for European privacy law

MSPs and cloud service providers are working toward meeting the European Union's data privacy requirements. Continue Reading

2From MSP to MSSP-

Jumpstart your MSP security practice

This is the section where we provide a number of 'how to' articles. You'll find tips ranging from dealing with staffing challenges to developing specific types of offerings such as security awareness training.


Solving the cybersecurity skills gap

Hire high-level security professionals or develop them internally? MSPs share their advice for acquiring and retaining talent. Continue Reading


Create an internal cybersecurity program

Having in place a cybersecurity program for your MSP is smart first step for becoming a cybersecurity firm, says Jason McNew, CEO of Stronghold Cyber Security. Continue Reading

Integrated security suites vs. best-of-breed products

Read this guide to weigh both sides of the debate over best-in-class point products versus integrated security suites. Continue Reading


Planning for black swan events

Marc Langer, president of Recovery Point, offers advice on how to protect customers against black swan ransomware attacks. Continue Reading


Tips for targeting the right market

Once MSPs develop a line of security services, their customer bases might shift from the client types they're familiar with. Continue Reading


Differentiating with printer security

Printer security offers a compelling differentiator for MSPs in the managed print services space. Continue Reading


A transition to the cloud security market

Get tips from Gary Fish, CEO of Fishtech, on how traditional security firms can reinvent their businesses in the cloud. Continue Reading


The security awareness layer

End-user training can be among the most important aspects of protecting an organization. Some MSPs have chosen to include it as part of their security offerings. Continue Reading

3Looking ahead-

Prepare for future security trends

Once your MSP security practice is underway, a number of emerging opportunities and concerns are worth keeping an eye on. We've highlighted some of these security trends in this selection of articles.


The CASB market's promise

Industry watchers are expecting the cloud access security broker market to explode over the next few years. MSPs can play a role. Continue Reading


DDoS attacks on the rise

Expect to see customers cope with increasing distributed denial-of-services attacks. DDoS concerns may emerge as an important channel opportunity. Continue Reading


A deep dive into SDN security

Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corp., outlines top considerations for planning a secure software-defined network. Continue Reading

Blog Post

How to improve IoT security

Companies can address IoT design risks by posing these five questions, according to Bill Horne, vice president and general manager of Intertrust Secure Systems. Continue Reading


Applying machine learning to healthcare security

Healthcare organizations are looking for game-changing technology to defend against cyberattacks. Machine learning capabilities may be the answer. Continue Reading

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