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IT security tutorial: Channel partner tips for new tech

This IT security tutorial outlines security concerns and remediation strategies for software-defined networking, hyper-converged infrastructure and IoT.


With the rise of technologies such as software-defined networking, hyper-converged infrastructure, and the Internet of Things, customers are facing new security vulnerabilities as the attack surface of their IT environment shifts in dramatic ways.

In this IT security tutorial, we conducted interviews with several key industry executives who discussed how these emerging technologies are changing the security landscape. Experts explained the vulnerabilities of each technology and offered strategies for preventing attacks.

Click through  this IT security tutorial to learn about important security weaknesses and get tips on how to strengthen a customer's security posture.

1SDN security tutorial-

Software-defined networking

The technological innovations that make SDN exceptional also make it vulnerable to attacks. In this IT security tutorial, experts weigh in on inherent risks of SDN, such as those resulting from the separation of the control and data planes, and the security gaps introduced by third-party vendors.


SDN security initiatives

SDN introduces a number of vulnerabilities that attackers can use to breach your customers' networks. Continue Reading

2HCI security tutorial-

Hyper-converged infrastructure

While making management easier, the convergence of compute, network and storage produces a wide attack surface. And that's not the only vulnerability of hyper-converged systems. A root compromise anywhere in HCI provides complete and unfettered access to everything in that system.


How to protect HCI systems

Randy Bias, vice president of technology at EMC, covers the security risks and recommended strategies to keep your HCI customers secure. Continue Reading

3IoT security tutorial-

The Internet of Things

Connected environments introduce a new set of security issues to overcome. IoT increases the number of vulnerable endpoints, many of which were never designed to be secured in connected environments, and few standards govern how objects should connect to networks.


Reducing IoT risks

Mark Jacobsohn, senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Rob Chee, principal security architect at Force 3, offer mitigation strategies for IoT. Continue Reading

4Understand the technologies-


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