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Cloud services overview: Pursuing a new business model

If you're struggling to incorporate cloud into your channel business model, look no further than this cloud services overview that can help guide channel firms find success in the cloud market.


Ever since cloud computing grew in acceptance among customers, channel partners have had to tackle a new set of business problems. For companies with roots in traditional hardware sales, transitioning to a recurring revenue stream model presented an unappealing -- if not precarious -- prospect. Additionally, cloud services demand new skill sets and strategies for sales and marketing. Yet, in spite of the reluctance within the channel community, vast partner ecosystems have sprung up around cloud platforms, creating opportunities for those who are willing to take the plunge.

In this cloud services overview, we provided a selection of articles to help you develop a cloud-based business strategy. You will learn about the top challenges that stand in the way of business model transitions, as well as opportunities for you to gain a foothold in the cloud market. Finally, we examine a number of key ecosystems that have grown around cloud platforms. Taken together, this cloud services overview aims to provide a clear assessment of how channel firms can succeed in the cloud world.

1Building cloud businesses-

Issues in adopting a new business model

Despite urgent calls across the industry to adopt a cloud services business model, many channel firms have hesitated in making the transition. Channel executives have attributed a variety of factors to this struggle. For one, pursuing a recurring revenue stream from cloud sales requires a completely different mindset than traditional channel models. Changing your sales and marketing tactics is another top challenge.


Making cloud a major revenue contributor

Channel experts agree: Cloud opportunities have escaped many partners. Find out why companies have lagged behind this booming market. Continue Reading


Barriers to the channel's cloud success

According to Arnie Bellini, CEO of ConnectWise, "If you want to grow your business, you are going to have to grow it with cloud." But embracing the cloud services model is no easy task. Continue Reading

2Differentiating your offerings-

Potential roles you can play

When approaching cloud, channel partners have many business areas that they can pursue. Here we present a cloud service overview of potential opportunities, which span from consulting customers on their cloud transitions to advising on cloud security concerns.


Cloud readiness assessments: Five questions to ask

Managed service providers can play a role in helping their customers assess whether cloud is a good fit for their businesses. Continue Reading


SMBs confront the cloud services market

Small and medium-sized businesses recognize the benefits of cloud yet often lack to the time and resources to vet and manage providers. Continue Reading


Protecting your customer's cloud data

Customer concerns surrounding cloud data security have opened opportunities for partners to offer consulting services. Learn about building a cloud security practice. Continue Reading


Help clients see the big picture

Become indispensable to your customers by helping integrate cloud services into their business strategies. Continue Reading


Clients grapple with unexpected cloud costs

Lack of a governance framework can stand in the way of the cloud investments of customers. Offering cloud governance services is one way partners can help. Continue Reading


Tips for integrating legacy systems

Integrating legacy systems and applications into the cloud may be easier than you think. Learn these strategies to ease the task. Continue Reading

3Cloud ecosystems of note-

Navigating cloud platforms and partner networks

Now that you understand the inherent challenges of the cloud model and the services you can provide, it's time to survey the numerous ecosystems that have developed around cloud platforms such as Google, Oracle and Azure.


Partners tap into Google Cloud technology

Channel companies are contributing to the growth of Google's cloud platform and associated technologies. Continue Reading


Oracle makes progress in the cloud market

After a late start in the cloud race, Oracle has built out its channel programs for selling its cloud-based offerings. Continue Reading


Dropbox promotes a partner ecosystem

Learn about the partner network developing around the cloud storage and collaboration vendor Dropbox. Continue Reading


The impact of the AWS-VMware alliance

Partners ponder how the coalition of the two industry giants will play out. Continue Reading


Appirio buyout marks the end of an era

Wipro's $500 million purchase of Appirio leaves few remaining independent cloud consultancies. Continue Reading


Bluewolf offers IBM-Salesforce cognitive services

The integration of IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein led consultancy Bluewolf to develop a new practice. Continue Reading


Partners see Azure gain momentum

Cloud services overview: Partners cite a healthy uptick of customer interest in Azure as Microsoft seeks dominance in the public cloud market. Continue Reading


Azure matures into key contender

Learn why Microsoft's Azure cloud platform is resonating with customers and partners alike. Continue Reading


Strategies for leveraging cloud ecosystems

Get insight into how channel partners can navigate the complex cloud ecosystems. Continue Reading

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