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March 2016

Moving clients to a hybrid cloud model

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Businesses increasingly see the value of moving to a hybrid cloud model, with more flexibility, scalability and data deployment options being just a few of the potential benefits. However, hybrid cloud environments can pose technical, organizational and management challenges, causing many businesses to turn to cloud providers for help.

In this three-part guide, we explore how cloud providers can build and manage their clients' hybrid clouds environments. First, we examine how to craft an effective hybrid cloud plan. Important considerations include a client's technical, data migration and management requirements. Next, we investigate cloud management software and approaches you can take to constructing your toolkit. Finally, several experienced partners in the hybrid cloud space reveal best practices for integrating legacy systems with cloud environments.

About The Author

Esther Shein - Contributor

Esther Shein is a freelance writer and editor whose work has ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • The blueprint to your client's hybrid cloud
  • Building your cloud management toolkit
  • How to integrate legacy systems with the cloud

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