cloud integrator

A cloud integrator is a product or service that helps a business negotiate the complexities of cloud migrations.  A cloud integrator service(sometimes referred to as Integration-as-a-Service) is like a systems integrator (SI) that specializes in cloud computing.

Most organizations are implementing a hybrid cloud model, in which some of the business' applications, services and data are maintained locally, while others are served remotely by one or more cloud providers. The hybrid cloud consists of at least one private cloud and one public cloud. Typically, there are also other business resources that are not cloud-based. Integrating enterprise applications and other business resources in such an environment can be complicated. Legacy systems, sensitive data and security can all pose problems.

Among other things, a cloud integrator should offer quick and easy deployment and self-provisioning, without requiring any coding on the part of the user.

This was last updated in September 2011

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