Jamcracker Services Delivery Network (JSDN) is a platform for purchasing and managing public and private cloud computing services. JSDN offers a catalog of cloud services from their partners and modular APIs that can be used to develop cloud adapters for new content, web services and applications.

JSDN can help a cloud provider manage the delivery of their cloud services -- as well as the associated billing,  security and support efforts. Cloud services managed through the JSDN can be a mix of third-party services and/or internal services built by the JSDN customer.

There are a number of use cases for JSDN. It may be used by corporations that want to focus on their core business and not waste time hunting for and procuring cloud services from one or more vendors. Public cloud computing providers may consider having their services listed in the JSDN catalog. Cloud computing resellers can use JSDN as a ready-built cloud provisioning platform that can be managed by a third party. Finally, value-added cloud resellers looking to offer cloud services to customers can use JSDN to deliver those services.

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This was last updated in September 2011

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