EMC cloud architect certification (EMCCA)

EMC Cloud Architect (EMCCA) is a certification and training offering by storage vendor EMC on high-level cloud architecture and design concepts. The certification has two tracks: EMC Cloud Architect Virtualized Infrastructure and EMC Cloud Architect IT-as-a-Service.

EMC Cloud Architect Virtualized Infrastructure certification and training address how to converge and manage storage, servers and networking when building virtualized data centers and cloud infrastructures. It covers virtualized data center architecture and components, managing and protecting virtualized environments, security, governance, audit, and planning and design for cloud infrastructure enablement. Certification candidates must have at least three years of architect/design experience in storage, operating system, virtualization and networking and be certified EMC Information Storage Associates. EMC Cloud Architect Virtualized Infrastructure certification is a pre-requisite for EMC Cloud Architect IT-as-a-Service certification.

The EMC Cloud Architect IT-as-a-Service training and certification addresses how to turn virtualized infrastructures into cloud-based, IT-as-a-Service environments. It covers configuration management, service catalogs, service management parameters, infrastructure integration, discovery and provisioning, operation and governance, and closed loop process management.

Both certification tracks are intended for EMC customers, service providers, employees, partners and other IT professionals.

This was last updated in October 2011

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