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  • Forrester: Software will lead 2011 IT spending growth

    Heather Clancy 11 Apr 2011
  • Market watcher Forrester Research has released its first IT spending update of the year ("U.S. Tech Market Outlook: Q1 2011") and software looks to be the fastest growing information and ...

  • Microsoft's cloud conundrum

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 11 Apr 2011
  • News that Microsoft plans to move three (count 'em 3!) of its legacy ERP products to its cloud is both stunning and unsurprising. And it illustrates the company's cloud problem. MIcrosoft already ...

  • HP sues Adrian Jones, war with Oracle rages on

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 07 Apr 2011
  • Hewlett-Packard VARs said it might get ugly and it has. HP is suing former channel chief Adrian Jones for theft of trade secrets such as strategic and financial plans, sales figures and employee ...

  • Microsoft to host ERP, so what?

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 06 Apr 2011
  • Next week the world will hear more about plans for Microsoft-hosted ERP. That move has long been weighed and even Microsoft ERP partners who sell and implement Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, or SL ERP ...

  • Top Ten Takeaways from HP APC

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 30 Mar 2011
  • LAS VEGAS--Hewlett-Packard's Americas Partner Conference was chock-full of threads this week. Here's what bubbled to the top.   1: The jury's still out on whether new HP CEO Leo Apotheker is a true ...

  • MSPAlliance dreams up service provider certification

    Heather Clancy 29 Mar 2011
  • One of the toughest tasks for any technology solution provider is building trust with would-be customers. The job gets even tougher when you are asking a business to entrust certain pieces of their ...

  • HP APC: Leo's here, how'd he do?

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 29 Mar 2011
  • LAS VEGAS--Hewlett-Packard VARs have had their knickers in a twist since the unceremonious departure of HP CEO Mark Hurd in August and the subsequent hiring of Leo Apotheker as CEO a few months ...