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April 2008

MSP channel partner programs

  • Ozzie, Ballmer speak to MVPs

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 18 Apr 2008
  • If you're not a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional but want to know what CEO Steve Ballmer and chief software architect Ray Ozzie had to say to MVPs, Microsoft has posted transcripts of their ...

  • Putting a price on the green IT services opportunity

    Heather Clancy 18 Apr 2008
  • Slowly but surely, some of the big high-tech vendors have started pulling their channel partners into their “green technology” efforts. As Barbara Darrow blogged earlier this week, Sun is the ...

  • Google’s cloud rains on users

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 17 Apr 2008
  • Remote access to GMail and its chat program went down yesterday. It was only for half an hour, but the publicity surrounding the outage could hurt Google's push to attract business customers. The ...

  • Microsoft’s Springsteen parody video hits back at Vista critics

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 17 Apr 2008
  • Microsoft pulled one over on the Windows Vista haters yesterday, releasing a supposed Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) internal sales video. The video, "Rocking Our Sales" by Bruce ServicePack and the ...

  • The greening of Sun

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 15 Apr 2008
  • Sun Microsystems says it will help partners build eco-friendly IT solutions. The company's Eco Advantage Program offers partners tools to calculate for themselves or for their customers how to ...