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August 2010

  • CompTIA's foundation work shifts to emphasize community partnerships

    Heather Clancy 30 Aug 2010
  • Been running so fast since I attended the CompTIA Breakaway conference earlier this month that I haven't had time to report on my conversation with the executive director of the organization's ...

  • 3Par picks Dell

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 27 Aug 2010
  • 3Par said it has accepted Dell's $1.8 billion dollar buyout offer. No word from Hewlett-Packard on whether it will take no for an answer.  HP had an offer on the table for 3Par but last week 3Par ...

  • HP counters Dell's counter for 3Par

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 26 Aug 2010
  • This is getting tiresome. HP just bid  $27 per share counter offer for 3Par. This $1.8 billion offer counters Dell's $24.50 counteroffer to HP's earlier counteroffer to Dell's original $18 offer to ...

  • Most burning questions for Oracle

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 26 Aug 2010
  • There are so many questions about what Oracle is doing with its new Sun franchise, it's hard to suss out the top few, but here's a try.   1: What's really going on with Sparc? While John Fowler ...

  • Take that HP! Dell ups the ante on 3Par

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 26 Aug 2010
  • Today it's Dell offering mo' money for 3Par. Dell sweetened its previous $18 per share bid to $24.50 and helpfully posted to its Web site that 3Par has accepted that offer. Earlier this week, HP ...

  • HP promises to bring 3Par goods to the channel

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 23 Aug 2010
  • One of Hewlett-Packard’s stated goals for its proposed $1.6 billion buyout of 3Par is to broaden and deepen distribution of 3Par’s storage technologies. Whereas the independent 3Par was a ...

  • New templates for running your MSP business better

    Heather Clancy 23 Aug 2010
  • If you're looking for some help in bringing discipline to your managed services business, CompTIA and the MSP Partners organization have created four new templates that cover various aspects of ...

  • It's on! HP outbids Dell for 3Par

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 23 Aug 2010
  • This morning, Hewlett-Packard launched a $24 per share cash bid for 3Par and its data storage expertise. The offer touches off a bidding war against Dell, which offered $18 per share for 3Par last ...

  • HP recruits tech reporter to fix corp comms

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 19 Aug 2010
  • This is a little inside baseball but it still bears noting. Hewlett-Packard, fresh off its latest CEO scandal, has brought in a reporter--a very good reporter--to lead corporate communications. HP ...

  • Intel forks over $7.7B on McAfee, but why?

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 19 Aug 2010
  • So the big get bigger. Intel will buy McAfee and its security portfolio for $7.68 billion. The rationale, according to a statement by Intel CEO Paul Otellini, is that there is insufficient security ...

  • Oracle/Sun hits just keep on coming

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 18 Aug 2010
  • The aftermath of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems is proving to be a full-employment act for bloggers and journalists. The latest bombshell is that Oracle is dramatically de-emphasizing ...

  • Freebies if you buy former VAR's business tome

    Heather Clancy 16 Aug 2010
  • Don't normally do the promo thing, but figured some of the solution providers who read ChannelMarker on a semi-regular basis might be interested in this information. If you buy a business book on ...

  • HP v. Hurd reverbs continue

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 15 Aug 2010
  • If HP's beleaguered board thought the unpleasant Mark Hurd headlines would evaporate soon, it has another think coming. First of all, the generous exit package awarded to a CEO that the company ...

  • Uh-oh. Oracle sues Google over Java use

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 13 Aug 2010
  • This one raises lots of eyebrows: Oracle just sued Google over Android's use of Java. In case anyone forgot, Oracle got the Java franchise via its $7.5 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems. And ...

  • Despite broader economic jitters, IT sector continues to improve

    Heather Clancy 09 Aug 2010
  • Even if the broader U.S. figures suggests that economic uncertainty lingers, the IT sector continues to show signs of a turnaround both in the United States and in Europe. According to data from ...