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  • RSA names partners of the year

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 23 Oct 2008
  • RSA recently recognized its top partners at its SecurWorld Partner Conference. Here were the winners: North America Channel Partner of the Year: Forsythe Solutions Group, Skokie, Ill. DMR Channel ...

  • Symantec tries to mend its ’stubbed toe’

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 23 Oct 2008
  • I'm a Symantec user. At home, I run Norton 360. My work laptop has Symantec AntiVirus. They both work very well. But oh my God, are they memory hogs. Whenever either computer is running slowly -- ...

  • Bad economy good for VMware? And Microsoft?

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 22 Oct 2008
  • VMware posted strong financial results yesterday, despite the weak economy and increased competition from Microsoft. The virtualization market leader took in $472 million in its third quarter -- a ...

  • CEO Thompson absent from Symantec partner show

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 16 Oct 2008
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. -- By now you know that outgoing channel chief Julie Parrish isn't here at Symantec Partner Engage 2008, but there's an even more notable executive absence. CEO John W. Thompson ...

  • The official Windows 7 name: Windows 7

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 14 Oct 2008
  • Microsoft is going retro with its operating system naming conventions. The company announced yesterday that Windows Vista's successor will be called Windows 7. Windows 7 has been the project's code ...

  • Finding the right products to bet on in a tough economy

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 14 Oct 2008
  • In my days as a storage reseller CTO, one of my goals was to find three great new products and add them to our portfolio every year, replacing products that weren't doing well or where the ...

  • Man bites dog; VAR loves vendor

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 13 Oct 2008
  • When a VAR gives an unsolicited testimonial for a technology vendor, it's unusual enough to warrant attention. While researching a storage-related story a month or so ago, I called this VAR who ...

  • Microsoft-Yahoo coming back to life?

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 13 Oct 2008
  • As Yahoo's stock dives, speculation is rising that Microsoft could make another acquisition bid. In May, at the height of negotiations, Microsoft offered Yahoo $33 per share -- a significant ...