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  • Microsoft Dynamics offers 0% financing

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 13 Nov 2008
  • Saaaaaaved byyyyyy zeeee-rooooooo. Surely you've heard that cheesy song ad nauseam this fall on Toyota commercials for a 0% financing offer. Well, Microsoft is now getting in on the act (the 0% ...

  • Tata starts Web 2.0 business practice

    Heather Clancy 13 Nov 2008
  • Taking a break from writing a couple of presentations for next week's distributor Synnex's Varnex community event to write about an interesting announcement I saw yesterday from Tata Consultancy ...

  • Top 3 emerging company success factors

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 13 Nov 2008
  • In my last entry we discussed becoming the emerging technology experts in your field, the guys that can fully vet and recommend the right technology to clients. While you can never guarantee ...

  • Google CEO as Obama economic advisor

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 07 Nov 2008
  • Should anything be read into the fact that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is among president-elect Barack Obama's economic advisors? Schmidt was listed among the luminaries present at the big economic ...

  • Are you leverageable?

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 06 Nov 2008
  • I spend much of the week speaking with suppliers about their solutions, and as you can imagine in almost every conversation the subject of the channel comes up. I'm surprised how little ...

  • Cisco predicts sales to drop in Q2; will ride out storm with hiring freeze

    Rivka Gewirtz Little 05 Nov 2008
  • Cisco CEO John Chambers said Wednesday afternoon during a Q1 earnings call that he expects sales to fall 5 to 10% in the second quarter and that the company will go on a $1 billion cost cutting ...

  • ERP swoon–Is it Microsoft specific?

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 05 Nov 2008
  • Anecdotal evidence is that Microsoft ERP sales are in the tank this year, although it's hard to tell how much of that is Microsoft-specific vs. the overall ERP category sucking wind of late. It is ...

  • Reseller ROI: Eliminating evaluations

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 04 Nov 2008
  • In my last blog entry, I talked about how critical it is to communicate your ROI to customers. But how can you improve upon your ROI? Well, one way is to eliminate -- or at least shrink -- the ...