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  • The cloud vs. converged hardware

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 20 Jun 2011
  • As Oracle, Cisco  and Hewlett-Packard try to convince the world that every data center needs Oracle or Cisco or HP's own unique brand of converged hardware--that mythical IT beast that somehow ...

  • Oracle-HP slap fight continues

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 16 Jun 2011
  • It would be sad if it weren't so entertaining: The HP-versus-Oracle spat ratcheted up again this week with Hewlett-Packard suing Oracle. Again. This time it's about Oracle's decision to deep-six ...

  • HP shakeup: Livermore kicked upstairs

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 14 Jun 2011
  • Ann Livermore, the respected Hewlett-Packard veteran once considered a prime CEO candidate, is relinquishing day-to-day responsibilities and will take a seat on the HP board. Here's HP's official ...

  • IT channel merger activity continues apace

    Heather Clancy 13 Jun 2011
  • Since I wrote my article last month about the spike in channel mergers and acquisitions, two more big deals have come to my attention -- one aimed at expanding the service footprint of the ...

  • Oracle hardware: It is a mystery

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 08 Jun 2011
  • It's really not news that Oracle sales people go into a discounting frenzy at the close of the fiscal year. And, that discounting has netted Oracle some Exadata deals in its fourth quarter ending ...

  • Rumor alert: Dell to buy Brocade?

    Patrick Ouellette - TechTarget 07 Jun 2011
  • There are rumors swarming that Dell may buy Brocade Communications Systems Inc. Brocade is respected for its high-end SAN networking gear and owns 70% of the SAN switching market, and would be a ...

  • Why the BYO device phenom is great service opp

    Heather Clancy 06 Jun 2011
  • There have been many prognostications about the bring-your-own-device movement, the phrase used to describe the phenomenon of people using their own IT equipment for work purposes. Mainly, it ...

  • Business users buy Macs--with their own dough

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 05 Jun 2011
  • It's not news that almost anything Apple is hot  (iTunes hate notwithstanding). What is news is who's buying this Apple gear and for what purpose. Case in point: Last week, a long-time source ...

  • VCE boosts distribution

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 31 May 2011
  • Our good buddies at The Virtual Computing Environment Co., last week added four distributors -- Arrow, Avnet, Ingram Micro and Magirus--to its channel roster. that means a VCE VAR selling Vblocks ...

  • Research: Digital signage market could triple by 2016

    Heather Clancy 31 May 2011
  • When I first started covering the market for digital signage solutions -- all those electronic displays that can deliver messages in places from retail floors to board rooms along with the software ...