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  • New Slogan — HP:Subvert

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 07 Sep 2006
  • No one has ever accused major IT vendors of being role models. Microsoft gets the most public heat, but it's far from the most loathed, or most unethical, in the business. Resellers, whose reward ...

  • Yes, security vendors play dirty, but how do you cope?

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 07 Sep 2006
  • It seems fairly obvious that vendors use security alerts to promote themselves and devalue their competitors, as addressed in this CRN article. And I imagine many channel folks can relate to the ...

  • Companies waste money doing compliance manually

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 07 Sep 2006
  • Technology is not a regulatory compliance cure-all, but it does play an important role in compliance efforts. Technology enables the automation of processes that can otherwise cost companies time ...

  • Another reason for disaster recovery plans

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 06 Sep 2006
  • When I hear technology media and PR folks discuss the Avian flu and disaster recovery, I chalk it up to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) tactics. However, the findings of a survey conducted by ...

  • Intel Bloodletting Redux: Does It Matter?

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 06 Sep 2006
  • Intel will release another 10,500 employees into the wild as it attempts to reinvent itself. But the bloodletting in itself isn't going to change the fundamental problems Intel faces: an inventory ...

  • No one way to sell wireless voice to SMBs

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 01 Sep 2006
  • According to a Yankee Group report, the range of sales channels into the SMB is wide for wireless voice. Factors such as the size of the company and service/device ownership (employee vs. employer) ...

  • VoIP not just for SMBs

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 31 Aug 2006
  • VoIP is often touted for its benefits to SMBs, but a article reports that enterprises are also showing interest: According to Yankee Group, more than 50% of enterprise ...

  • Would like to hear from you

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 31 Aug 2006
  • As Sean mentioned in his introductory post, the editors behind Channel Marker are preparing to launch a set of Web sites to meet the information needs of the technical folks who implement and ...

  • Radio Shack Deletes 400 Employees by e-Mail

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 31 Aug 2006
  • The NY Times reports that Radio Shack has laid off 400 employees, and notified them by e-mail. The electronics retailer (and HP and Sprint/Nextel retail channel partner) cut the jobs mostly from ...

  • Windows NT: “I’m Not Dead Yet”

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 30 Aug 2006
  • Realizing that (a) delays in Vista have dampened revenues, (b) customers probably won't widely adopt Vista for business use until at least Service Pack 1 (or maybe SP 2), and (c) there was ...

  • How to Cram for the CCNA Exam

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 30 Aug 2006
  • On his Cisco Blog. Jeremy Cioara provides a blueprint for an inexpensive testbed network for practicing for the CCNA exam. Check it out, Cisco-ites; it's a thing of beauty.

  • Microsoft Vista Pricing Revealed…on Amazon, at least

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 29 Aug 2006
  • Ed Bott on ZDNet reports that Microsoft accidentally released pricing for Vista on its Canadian website. The pricing is also now visible (at least as I post this) on Microsoft had been ...