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You too can 'friend' Azure

For those who can’t get enough of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft (or someone) has thoughtfully set up a Facebook page for the future set of hosted services. It hasn’t been updated since April, but what the heck?

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Are you working on a policy for BYOD at your organization?
The problem, IMO, is that everybody wants everything and nobody wants to pay for it. You can generalize this principle pretty far before going wrong, but WRT the security topics under discussion here, there never seems to be enough budget to implement adequate security measures, and when there is, there's seldom sufficient budget or will or follow-through to enforce them. Sorry for all the cliches, but there's no free lunch.

Dual-identity devices, like the Samsung phones mentioned in this article, offer some promise, as does software that manages identities, like persona management in Horizon Workspace. There's also a reasonable question as to what data should be accessible from what devices, and by whom.

Is anybody reading this old enough to remember Kim Philby? You know, the guy who used to have Snowden's apartment in Moscow? If you have someone like that working for you, you have serious problems that money won't solve, but at least you can make it hard to get large amounts of data at a time or store it on a device. If you make him take photographs of individual screens instead of transferring TB with a thumb drive, you can at least slow him down.

For some interesting reading, see your own link and this paper, which you might want to feature here: It addresses the topic in an unusually straightforward manner.