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Windows NT: “I’m Not Dead Yet”

Realizing that (a) delays in Vista have dampened revenues, (b) customers probably won’t widely adopt Vista for business use until at least Service Pack 1 (or maybe SP 2), and (c) there was increasingly large potential for mass attrition among some trailing-edge customers from the Microsoft brand to one of those free operating systems that run well on legacy hardware if they didn’t do something, Microsoft has extended its Custom Support Agreement program to provide for at continued support of Windows NT (paid) support for large customers. The same is true of Exchange Server 5.5, and Windows XP Service Pack 1, which were both due to be dropped from support shortly.

The long life of Windows NT in some particularly conservative markets has certainly surprised (and probably distressed) Microsoft, which attempted to pull all life support for NT a few years ago but extended the lifecycle of Windows NT due to popular outrage/demand in 2002. That extension was supposed to end at the conclusion of this year.

But now, laggards with applications that absolutely require Windows NT 4.0, XP SP1, and Exchange 5.5 will be able to pay for continued patches and technical support from Microsoft — at a sharply increased price, as support pricing is shifted to a per-device basis. As a result, the ROI calculators of many customers still stuck in the 90’s may become a little more upgrade-friendly. But Microsoft is “all about customer choice”…

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