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Windows 7 pricing news

Windows 7 pricing was posted on the Windows Team Blog Thursday.

Estimated retail price (ERP) on upgrades is $119.99 for Win 7 Home Premium; $199.99 for Professional; $219.99 for Ultimate. These (U.S.) prices are presumably for users moving from either Windows XP or Vista.

ERP for full packaged retail product  is$199.99.99 for Home Premium; $299.99 for Professional; and $319 for Ultimate.


The blog characterized some of this as an outright price cut:

“For Windows 7, we are reducing the price on our most popular retail product for customers, the Home Premium Upgrade, by approximately 10% (depending on the market). In the U.S., this means a customer buying Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade will pay only $119.99 instead of the $129.99 being charged today for its predecessor.”


Some VARs don’t agree that Win 7 is a bargain  There has been a lot of grumbling about how hardware prices have fallen while the percentage of the PC cost attributable to WIndows is disproportionately high. That’s one reason some hardware OEMs are seriously looking at Android or Linux for new netbooks, and many VARs are lauding that move.

Given the rocky reception Windows Vista got, WIn 7 is seen as  a very important product for Microsoft.

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