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Why the IT Staff Hates You

Over on, Mark Arnold explains the The downside to outsourcing Windows desktop and server management from the IT manager’s point of view. While it focuses on large-scale outsourcing, the problems are similar to what any organization will face when a service provider takes over management of a Windows environment — or at least the points of resistance that the service provider will encounter:

[A]ny problem with a server that you control will take significantly longer to resolve when you’re relying on an outside company to solve it. … Server and Active Directory permissions are almost always changed. Settings … are set in a way that only personnel in the data center or remote support center are able to control such things as drive configuration, Registry settings or patch levels. If you have an application problem, rest assured that the problem will come straight back to your lap, but you will have one hand tied behind your back while you are troubleshooting and resolving the problem.

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