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Whoa! Wookey lives on at SAP

John Wookey, the former Oracle exec credited with integrating a diverse patchwork of acquired applications into something almost rational (at least on paper),  is back in the business. At SAP!!!

Let’s have a big wow on that.  SAP replaced IBM and/or Microsoft as Oracle’s favorite punching bag roughly since Oracle started dropping tens of billions to buy enterprise applications that compete with–you guessed it–SAP. It was right around then that  Oracle CEO Larry Ellison stopped referring to SAP by its initials–as is the custom–and started calling it SAP. As in rhymes with map.

Many Oracle partners were shocked, SHOCKED when Wookey left just about a year ago. Others said the exit was a sign of Fusion confusion. Fusion is the overarching brand for what is supposed to be a converging set of the best-and-brightest of Oracle’s apps–whether they originated from Siebel or PeopleSoft or JD Edwards or Oracle itself.

 Even some of Oracle’ s most loyal partners said after Oracle OpenWorld in September, that the company has managed to confuse the world with its evolving Fusion world view.

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