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Whither Adrian Jones?

The latest parlor game among Hewlett-Packard channel partners is guessing where Adrian Jones will set up shop.

Jones, as first reported by yesterday, quietly resigned from HP last week.

He told channel buddies he was going but left out a very pertinent detail: his destination. Smart money has it that it will be Oracle. That is because:

  • 1:  Jones was a protege of Mark Hurd, who brought him into HP to begin with.
  • 2: Hurd famously now co-president of Oracle.
  • 3: Oracle is struggling to integrate the Sun hardware business and is REALLY struggling with how to deal with the Sun hardware channel.
  • 4: Jones, with his channel chops, could really, really help with that.
  • 5:  Given HP’s mounting obsession with Oracle, you can bet that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison would love to add Jones to his roster to further fan the flames.
  • 6: The fact that HP’s big Americas Partners Conference kicks off in weeks would give Ellison/Oracle/Hurd more dramatic counterprogramming bang for their buck.

Channel sources expect an announcement of Jones’ new gig next week.

There is also a minority contingent among the Jones-watchers that he will end up at Dell or perhaps some other more hardware-centric entity than Oracle.

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