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Where in the world is Leo Apotheker?

Well, we know where the HP CEO ain’t

He ain’t in the Oakland courtroom where Oracle CEO Larry Ellison would love to see him.

He’s not at Hewlett-Packard HQ, where Oracle’s tried to serve him with a subpoena.

But lookee here! Leo’s in Japan! At least according to Reuters. If Oracle’s private eyes had bothered to read the Japanese press, they could have saved themselves some wear and tear.

Meanwhile, questions keep swirling about what, exactly HP’s clown car of a board was thinking when it brought Apotheker, ousted from SAP, aboard as top dog.

This Oracle vs. SAP/HP imboglio is, to steal a phrase from a Vanity Fair article summarizing the street fight between Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and the Sulzberger-led New York Times, like the Corleones picking on the Royal Tenenbaums.

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so why are there so many data centers in the Southern US, rather than the Northern Mid West? :)
Weather. It is hot, but dry. The Phoenix area has light snow about 5 times per century. Virtually no tornadoes, hurricanes or other major weather issues. No major fault lines. Far enough inland to be safe from tsunamis. Low power costs, low cost of living and low labor costs.

Also, close to Southern California, large population base, entertainment industry, Hollywood etc. Fairly close to central California, Silicon valley etc.

Northern mid west has periodic flooding and serious snow storms. Power is more expensive.