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What’s Sinofsky up to?

 While many pundits have wondered about Ray Ozzie’s radio-silence, I’m more interested in what Steven Sinofsky’s been up to.

 Sinofsky is credited with driving Microsoft’s Office cash cow to market. Often and usually on time.  For years. That is no mean feat.

In 2006, after repeated delays to Vista, he was most pointedly moved over to the Windows group.

My interest was piqued anew by a recent flurry of posts about about the post-Vista life of the Windows client. Distinguished engineer Eric Traut was even caught on tape talking about a new slimmed down Windows core (“MinWin”, Windows Seven.)

A flurry of coverage touched on an ostensibly leaked “wish list” of features for MinWin or Windows 7 brings us back to Sinofsky.

He was quiet before his job change and he’s kept that up up. Sinofsky hasn’t updated his blog since taking the new job.

There has been one interesting Sinofskian post of late. A Microsoft program manager describes a session Sinofsky had–presumably for program managers.

Money Sinofsky quote: “I don’t know why Program Managers are called so, they don’t “Program” and they don’t “Manage”

This was construed as a joke, but who knows?

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